Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Traffic Break In Part 1
22nd May 2018

Its becoming an well know issue now with break ins to 2014+ Vauxhall Vivaro and Renault Traffic where access is gained by simply drilling a hole on the back door to gain access to the central locking motors to open the doors even if slamlocks are fitted it doesn't stop the problem.

We are looking in to methods of preventing this as you will see in Part 1 and Part 2 of these articles

First of all we recommend having internal shielding fitted which encloses the vehicles internal handle mechanism by a high grade stainless steel shield, which protects the latch and assembly. We highly recommend you add this internal shielding on this vehicle due to the common methods of attack.

Why Are My Deadlocks Not Straight ??
18th May 2018

A question we get asked many times when a customer comes back to collect their van after having deadlocks installed is why are they not straight ? Which is a very good question.

Deadlocks work the same way as house door locks do and must be installed at a 90 degree angle, any pressure on them to try and force the angle can cause them to malfunction, and because they are steel metal they cant be adjusted in anyway for any other angle, the issue is a house door is completely square meaning the locks will always sit at a straight angle which is what some people expect for van deadlocks.

Simply NO, this is not the case, all van doors internal skins are all different angles, looking from the outside the front door panel is flat, but the part that matters is the inside skin the lock case attaches to, and the lock cylinder will then only fit to a 90 degree angle to this, if the inside skin is not a complete 90 degree angle then the lock will not sit flat and you will see a slight angle to the cylinder

Have a look at the pictures to see examples

This Is How Not To Have Van Deadlocks Fitted To Your Van
24th Dec 2015

i deffintly would not be letting someone fit van deadlocks to my brand new van with an angle grinder

Ford Hykee Replacement Lock Cylinder
17th Oct 2015

With a previous post of showing how Ford vans are being broken in to with no sign of damage, to prevent this from happening we install a Hykee replacement lock cylinder to the drivers door as this is the door used to break in to the vehicle. 

New 2015> Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Traffic Slamlock Handles
08th Oct 2015

Thanks to Locks4Vans we was given the new 2015> Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Traffic SlamLock Handles as a demo sample to test for them.
The new Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Traffic is just as easy to break in to as the old shape by just removing the handle to open the doors

How Range Rovers Are Being Stolen
14th Aug 2015

All you read now is about cars with push button starts being stolen including Range Rovers and Ford Focus ST. This is how easily its being done.

Volkswagen Transporter T5 Broken In To
14th Aug 2015

People will do anything to break in to vans, van manufacturers should realley look at the OEM security from factory to prevent this happening, alternatively visit us and we can install some additional deadlcoks

Citroen Dispatch Unsuccessful Attempted Break In
13th Aug 2015

This is why we recommend additional deadlocks to be fitted, as even though the manufactures lock was easily got round, they was still unable to get round the additional deadlocks fitted. 

Traffic / Vivaro / Primastar
13th Aug 2015

How Renault Traffics, Vauxhall Vivaro and Nissan Primastars are broken in to and what we can do to help prevent this. Fit Slamlock handles !!!

Ford Transit Custom 2014 Broken In To
13th Aug 2015

Mercedes Sprinter Van Broken In To
13th Aug 2015

The latest way how to disregard a Mercedes Sprinter OEM Slamlock, This is why you should have additional Deadlocks fitted to your van

**Videos are not our own and only used for demonstration purposes**

Breaking In To A Ford Transit
13th Aug 2015

Many customers are comming to us with there Ford Transit being broken in to and no sign of damage, This is how its being done and just look how easy it is. Scary !!!!!!!!!

**Videos are not our own and only used for demonstration purposes**

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